Friday, August 04, 2006

Bound and Gagged

Recently one of the Sycophants, in response to a statement I made about not being ashamed to be viewed in a competitive light, launched into a tirade about how he had 'really' been the winner of the last two contests in which I had been named the official winner. By his own admission, he had not entered the contests, nor abided by the rules.

I suppose he had that little faith in his own work that he wanted an insurance policy. If he ranked higher, because he got the popular vote, then he could claim (albiet falsely) victory. If he didn't get the popular vote, he could claim it didn't matter anyway, he was just doing it for 'fun'.

I was extremely hurt and pissed off about his allegations. His statements fell short of slander by the width of an eyelash. He alluded to me cheating, due to not abiding by rules of his making, unofficial rules that only he knows.

I learned my lesson about some of the people who witnessed this bully's performance. They don't mind him abusing others. In fact, they enjoyed it. I could tell when some of them popped in with some side remark just so I would be aware they were there.

So my lesson is that there is a real and present danger to my spirit if I should think for a minute that my payment entitles me to participate just like anyone else.

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Lesley C. Weston said...

Now I get the entire picture, and it ain't pretty.
I agree 100%. It's a losers game, played with bad intentions. I'm sorry to hear it, as I thought that particualr person had more class than that. Live and learn, eh?
As I told you before, I'll tell you again- Your piece deserved to win. Although his piece was good as well, but he didn't put it on the line and has no business engaging in side-swiping after the fact.