Friday, February 08, 2008


Of late I’ve been reading, praying, meditating, studying, observing, learning, seeing, feeling, really focusing on the smallest glimmering bits of truth and beauty, (as if THEY were exclusive of each other!) I’ve also been walking…. with the pack of two… a lot. As you can see by the date of my last entry, I’ve been sidetracked away from blogging, for which I apologize to my loyal and very singular reader (you know who you are…) I am here, now.

Historically books habitually jump off shelves and foist themselves upon me willy nilly (as IF there were no coincidences!) Throughout the years I’ve come to view it as the Universe’s way of letting me know what I am to do next. Well, when Reverend Temple said recently, “if you pray for big things to happen to you, get ready for some big changes!” she was NOT kidding.

In the past, oh, I don’t know…. eight years (Has it been eight years already?) I’ve undergone some major paradigm shifts, truly life changing experiences of the sort that really get your attention and caused me to question everything I thought I knew up to that point. Without resorting to one of those “me and my story” litanies, suffice it to say I hit one of those fork in the road spots in life, and while I may be on the road less travelled, I am so not second guessing my decision.

My road led straight to First Unity Church , a concept I’d resisted for many years. My wily pal Claudia wooed me there with a trip to the Wings Bookstore in its’ previous incarnation when it was located within the church. The bookstore grew, almost as fast as I have, and was relocated to its’ own home on the church campus. See photo

After numerous full price purchases, I’ve succumbed to being a member of the Wings Bookstore Frequent Flyer club (thereby saving 10%) where the ever effervescent manager Sharon Jebens artfully arranges all manner of books, angels, aromatherapy objects, yoga wear, Zen cards, oracle cards, incense, Feng Shui materials, greeting cards, bumper stickers, stones with inspirational sayings, and on and on and on. (If time permitted, I’d make an exhaustive alphabetical list of the fabulous offerings, but I want to get to the tofu of the matter. And that is this – every book I’ve read recently is sending the same message, in different language perhaps, but the same underlying theme of “what it’s all about, Alfie and it is just for the moment we live.” Every single page I turn has reinforced the concept of a collective consciousness, that we create all that we see, experience, our lives, our very lives are formed initially by our thoughts. Our thoughts, negative, positive, and neutral, all become prayers and prayers are always answered. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the confirmation I am getting about how what is necessary to be happy is to be aware, conscious, present in each and every moment. It’s to see each and every human being (and aren’t those two powerful words interconnected – can’t have one without the other!) through the eyes of the Almighty as perfect, and whole. In that way, I will be surrounded - bathed by love; pure, sweet, love.

Recent influential and mightily uplifting books:

1. The Book, On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, by Alan Watts. Alan writes extensively about our ego, about how the concept of loving your enemies makes perfect sense, about how until we all recognize we all have components of “good” and “bad” and that it is how we view those parts that makes a difference. He writes that if he asked me what happened yesterday, what did I hear, smell, see, taste, etc. that likely my answer would be a thin sketchy outline, and how much better it would be if I could answer, “oh a zillion things but it would take forever to tell you and I am much more interested in what is happening right now.”
2. Of Monkeys and Dragons by Michele O’Donnell. I heard Michele speak at First Unity, bought the book and couldn’t believe what I learned about the how and why of dis-ease and healing. I couldn’t believe finally(!) someone understood how and why I feel the way I do about the medical profession, about illness, about many things…. Too many to mention, but again, the recurring theme that what we believe we see is what will be presented to us. If we choose to see all as through the filter of the eyes of G-d, then that is what we shall see.
3. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle This is the kind of book I’d like everyone I know to read – not because I want to “change” anyone else, but because it is precisely what the world needs to know to change our collective consciousness for all living creatures up to and including Gaia. Eckhart Tolle addresses our ‘pain bodies’ our egos, and how and why the ego needs to complain, whine, and gossip to get what it needs to stay in control. But only by defeating the ego can I find a way to be present in the moment….and that moment, this moment, is all I have. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow never comes. If I’m sitting around waiting for something to happen, I will surely miss millions of moments. Oh, here’s one from earlier today. I saw a dandelion, as if for the first time in my life. When was the last time I picked a dandelion and blew the tiny wings into the air? A hundred years ago? I looked at that dandelion, and was filled with wonder at its exquisiteness. . Oprah and Eckhart Tolle will be conducting a webcast and I am participating. Please join me!
4. A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen First Unity handed out the bracelets, and I committed to going 21 days without complaining, gossiping, or criticizing. So far, I am working toward the completion of day five. My dear and very bright friend Claudia says it’s a piece of cake for me since I work from home. That may be true. My tests arrive in the form of telephone calls, visits to the post office, driving, grocery stores, etc. And I do admit it likely IS easier for me with limited contact of the co-worker/customer service variety. However, I still could use support from my friends and family – in the form of a gentle smile when something slips from my lips… and my bracelet slips ever so easily onto the other wrist.

So here’s the thing….. I’ve read (Michele O’Donnell AND Eckhart Tolle agree) that seeing violence as in tv shows like CSI and Numbers, illness in the form of tv shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy, and movies that are of a similar vein is counterproductive for my goal and objective of being happy. That said, I’m dedicated to finding happy uplifting stuff on tv and in books, and movies. So if you have any suggested reading or watching material, please drop me a line or submit a comment. I’d be evah so grateful dahlin’!

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