Friday, July 04, 2008

Farm NewsUpdate On Chevaz — The Horse Who Had Colic SurgeryBy Jul 2, 2008, 13:56
Chevaz, a handsome, black, Standardbred gelding residing on an approved Happy Trails foster home showed signs of colic, and after local treatment by their field service was unsuccessful, Chevaz was rushed to the Equine Specialty Hospital. He was a good candidate for colic surgery, being healthy and sound and having a good general disposition. We decided to give him every chance that we possibly could, understanding that the surgery would be between $2,600 and $5,000.
Chevaz came through his surgery with flying colors, but he took a while to recover. Additonal nutrients were needed, and under the top-notch care of the hospital, he began to recover. and was sent back home to his wonderful foster parents, Eileen and Bob Roloff. During his recovery at home, something seemed to be still not-quite-right with the dear boy. His appetite was failing, and he seemed to want to lay down a lot.
A field service vet came out and gave him a check-up, a treatment, and said to keep an eye on him. Much to Eileen and Bob's dismay, Chevaz seemed to be getting steadily worse. A trip back to the hospital was in order.
At the hospital he was stablized, tested, treated, poked and prodded like you would expect. They kept him, monitoring him constantly for the next week. Signs pointed to a variety of causes for concern, and no amount of fluids, nutrients, diet or temptations of grass seemed to prevail. After eating, he would become distressed and needed Banamine and would need tubed.
After much consulting, discussions, and trying to figure out what was most humane for htis wonderful horse, it was determined that he was not a candidate for a second surgery, and that it would be in his best interest to help him quietly and calmly cross the Rainbow Bridge. This diffuclt task was accomplished by the kind and caring staff at the hospital.
After he crossed into the next world, a mini-necropsy was done, and it was determined that an extremely large blood clot prevented proper healing, and that no amount of additional surgeries would have helped Chevaz recover.
So as we grieve for this wonderful horse, we are also now raising the funds to cover his additional hospital and emergency room expenses. Our total bill is over $9,000 — due to unexpected complications and additional emergency care after the initial surgery.
Every donation counts! If you are able to help the sanctuary with this unexpected and overwhelming expense, your kind and thoughtful donation can be made here through PayPal, or by mailing your donation to Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, 5623 New Milford Road, Ravenna, Ohio 44266.© Copyright 2004 by

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