Monday, October 09, 2006

Three Bad Things

So many things to fix, so little knowledge base.

It was brought to my attention recently, that I had neither running lights, nor brake lights. I’d noticed the console lights not coming on, but was blissfully unaware I was driving around at night without being seen from behind. Great.

Car is now at dealership. I should hear by five PM that it will cost as much as Imelda Marcos’ winter shoe wardrobe to replace (they don’t ‘fix’ anymore) some mythical sensor that will only be available during monsoon season if purchased by a lactating sheep farmer, who must also be a veteran in order to qualify to receive one of the three remaining sensors in existence.

Laptop is having issues seeing files, can’t remember that it had shortcuts to printers and is otherwise as useful as, well, the car, for lack of better example; just as useful as an abacus for Posomotor. This began (I believe) when the electricity failed two days in a row. Progress Energy apparently thought I could use the practice of resetting every digital clock in a three-mile radius. Some of those items require a degree in some field, like, say, chemical analyst, that I do not possess. Suffice it to say that he who is near and dear to me mostly wears a bemused expression when I try to insert a DVD in the HDTV with 16 remote controls, each of which may as well be a tuba, for all the good they do me.

I need a web page, or so I’ve been told. I have not obtained clue number one about what content would be worthy of taking up bandwidth, but presumably my fans will want to read previously published stuff and I should provide links for just such a purpose. Again, this is quite a challenge for me, who cannot seem to keep two computers chatting each other up, nor finding a solution to my poor Colin’s itching, never mind finding new and improved ways to procrastinate.

Third bad thing….. new resident of phylus chordata, class mamalia, Mus musculus has set up mousekeeping, under the stove. Apparently, it (I’ve not determined gender) views the dry dog food bin as a mega-mart, a Wal-Mart Superstore if you will.
I’m running around from one thing to the next, not effectively fixing anything, fretting, whinging, and otherwise pissing and moaning about my lot in life.
Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

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