Thursday, February 22, 2007

Whole New Me

I mean that in both senses of the word, the whole part as defined by Merriam Webster Unabridged as: 1 a (1) : free of wound or injury : unhurt thousands ... who have been killed or wounded ... might still be alive and whole -- Patrick McMahon(2) : recovered from a wound or injury : Restored (3) : HEALED here, with one balm for many fevers found, whole of an ancient evil, I sleep sound -- A.E.Housman b : free of defect, damage, or impairment : INTACT, UNBROKEN, UNMARRED anxious lest they were broken and thus make an evil omen, but they were whole -- Pearl Buck c : physically sound and healthy : free of disease or deformity they that are whole need not a physician -- Lk 5:31 (Authorized Version) (The rest of the definition deleted for brevity.)

Hence, since finding The Secret, there is a whole new me; heavy on the new.

I’m having a ball being happy after years of feeling that only certain people were happy, deserved to be happy, knew HOW to be happy. Sure, I was happy on occasion, watching my puppy win in the show ring, seeing a dolphin while kayaking, but I had no idea how to hang on to those fleeting moments after they were gone.

Then I got sick, requiring hospitalization, with a huge blood clot in my arm. A clot that required I figure out a way to give myself injections in the belly, no less. Understand, I have avoided any and all medical treatment for my entire life due to a phobic reaction to injections. Gratefully, I found a workbook (online) from a study that was designed to help those with MS self inject. Little did I know, I was learning The Secret as I searched for some help with this phobia.

Within a few hours of beginning my search, where I had put out to the Universe that I needed help with this enormous problem, it was given to me – free of charge, no less, and I was able to work through changing my thoughts enough to self-inject by six pm.

Subsequently, I was exposed to The Secret by a dear friend, and I scoffed. I closed my mind as tight as my high school jeans. I poo-poo’ed, ridiculed, and snickered. I told her that I prefer my conspiracy theories to have some allusion to Nazi involvement if not at least a grassy knoll.

And then there came Oprah’s show. Now, I think Oprah would make a mighty fine president. I think there is not a whole lot of room for Oprah improvement. She is simply fantastic. My thoughts that day were that if The Secret were good enough for Oprah, then The Secret was good enough for me. I watched - fascinated. Many of the concepts were familiar to me. I’d been making something similar to Lisa’s board of affirmations for many years. I’d forgotten that it worked. I’d stopped practicing The Secret. It showed in every area of my life.

I reread my last blog entry – dated October something or other, and thought, no wonder you had so many bad things going on! You put your order in for bad things to come in threes and the Universe complied!

That was then, this is now. Wait until I fill you in on my theory of Feng Shui and why it works.

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