Sunday, March 18, 2007

Recent News

Yesterday, Claudia and I joined The KayakGirlz of Tampa Bay for a paddle around Weedon Island Preserve , a four mile canoe/kayak trail among mangrove islands in Tampa Bay.

The KayakGirlz were a warm and welcoming group who seemed like the kind of people who would have a good time no matter what the weather.

The canoe trail is magical. It transforms me, transfixes me, energizes and pacifies me. Try doing the trail in reverse, going from the 38th marker backwards to marker number one. You won’t be disappointed. Do the trail at high tide, and be certain your paddle comes apart. There are places so canopied, so narrow and dense, that getting the full length of the paddle into the air is difficult. I would regret breaking off any of the branches, so I took my paddle apart and used it to skootch through the shallow tight spots.

There is a place, I believe around the seventh marker, where there is a fork in the road. Go to the right, and you’ll circle around and be about thirty yards from where you entered the mangroves. Go to the left and be rewarded with the vision that I have come to think of as “The Cathedral.” You’ll find yourself in a natural place of worship. The trail, here is completely surrounded by a Chantilly lace, leafy canopy reflected in the mirror smooth waters spreading out before you, interrupted only by the slice of your paddle, the flight of startled birds, the sharp intake of breath as you become aware of the majesty nature has provided for your pleasure. Stop. Savor it. Listen to your soul breathe.

What’s on the iPod

Mercy, by Alanis Morissette Read the lyrics here - Mercy lyrics Why Alannis? Read the lyrics. We are all energy. We are all in this together. We can create the world we want to see, the world we want to experience.

Where is this heading?

Tomorrow, I will be joining Move for a Iraq War Anniversary Vigil. I hope you’ll find a vigil to participate in. I pray for an end to these horrors.

What am I writing?

Not writing so much as revising. Revisions have to be the toughest part. I find myself giving away too many choices. Someone else, someone who may or may not be right suggests I change this, that, the other thing, I give them too much power. It is my manuscript, after all, my vision, my heart on the page. The hardest part is taking a short story, and sifting through the suggestions to see which ones really mesh with my intentions. But that’s the hard part, the necessary part, the most unfunnest thing ever.

Marketing Monday strategy

On tomorrow’s slate for the revision knife:

* No Happy Endings. I like this story. I like Willie Lee and her grandson, Booker. I like the plot. Tomorrow – I swear – Tomorrow No Happy Endings will get treated to the spa treatment revision process.

* Two chapters of Tallulah and Posomotor, The Familiar, The Curse of CREGA

* Tallulah cover letter and synopsis. LCW says I can have someone do this, if I’m willing to pay big bucks…. If it gets me in TOR’s door, it might be worth it. I’ll send the cover and synopsis to LCW and see what she thinks. Hers is one of those opinions I count on the heaviest. She’s been published about 7 million times, (no, I do not exaggerate) and she doesn’t pull any punches with my work.

What I’m grateful for:

I’ve been thinking about a bunch of individuals whom I used to allow to make me angry. It used to be that I’d have said “that person made me angry”, but the truth is, I was the one who gave them the power to make me angry, upset, etc. They were not meeting my expectations, they were not playing nice, they were not thinking about how what they were saying was impacting ME! I’ve begun to get it, that I am giving away my power when I worry about whatever, who thinks what about me, etc. Whatever! The thing is, the barometer to determine whether I really have forgiven someone is to be able to thank them for the lesson learned. So, today I am thankful for those who showed me how much of my life I was frittering away worrying about what they were thinking, writing, and talking about me. It got me moving in new directions. It showed me I should be more trusting of my own instincts as a writer. So, I’m grateful to them all.

In other news:

National Geographic has revealed that Gorillas gave pubic lice to humans This news fascinated me; I’m not certain why – on any number of levels.

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