Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thank You For the Lessons I've Learned

Part of the process of ‘letting go’ is to get to the point of thanking those who I’ve perceived as causing me harm. To that end, I’ve been thinking of the value of lessons such as: when you try to skirt laws designed to protect both parties, such subterranean ‘contracts’ frequently come back with a rabid bite. I got to learn this lesson not by doing, but by observing. I also learned that judging others should be left to those with lofty moral principles, a bit higher in the heavens, than, say, your average individual who assists in sketchy business dealings with one hand, and wags a judgmental finger with the other. I’m learning that my expectations for others, produces little other than pain and suffering when they don’t meet them. They are, after all, my expectations. I need to remember to be a southern girl and keep my hair high, my expectations low, and I won’t be disappointed.

The Zen garden looks particularly splendid this morning. Perhaps I shall rake up another 10 bags full of leaves.

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