Monday, March 24, 2008

Nursing Moms - There’s Still Time Before Next Superbowl!

We all know making good “quality” cheese takes time, right?

Now – work with me here…. Can you imagine the righteous indignation of your guests at next year’s Superbowl, when, after dipping into that delicious plate of cheesy nachos you’ve prepared for their eating pleasure you proudly announce that you made the cheese using your very own breast milk????????

How about this idea – when we get some poor woman to give her baby up for adoption, we get her to agree to using a breast pump and pay her to produce human breast milk so we can make a new line (let’s make it very expensive and put a designer label on it!!!! ) of “exclusive” cheese that we can market to “gourmands.” It’s a win win situation! Heck, things get real good, and we can PAY women to get pregnant, surrender the babies to infertile couples who want perfect Caucasian infants (we’ll have to be delicate about who we hire to birth the babies – drug testing, and the like) and then we can put a whole bunch of moms in a “dormitory” (sort of like a CAFO but with plumbing.) We’ll hook them all up to breast pumps several times a day, and we can laugh all the way to the bank! Sounds like a great plot for a horror flick, doesn’t it? Kind of like a variation on Meet Your Meat on two legs instead of four.

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