Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dinner on the Vegan Fly
No word yet from ApplianceRepairGuy, cryptic or otherwise, so my objective remains to not add to the spoilage. Indeed, I used the half container of extra firm tofu to its' fullest potential by slicing and saute'ing in Liquid Smoke and Tamari, thereby converting it to BACNot! Also on last night's agenda was a "roughing it" sort of Yukon Gold potato bake that impersonated those cheesy bits of goodness masquarading as food in the "easy to prepare" and "easy to get you to part with hard earned money" departments of the GrossATeria. Aforementioned easy cheesy potato bake consisted of parboiled Yukons sliced about 1/4 inch thick, combined with a shaken (not stirred) melange' of rice milk, (about one of the little tiny ones) a couple tablespoons of that flour for making gravy, three slices of vegan Jack Cheese and a bit of pepper. Add some paprika, and toss in the ubernuker, and minutes later - Voila!
So.... today's lunch was leftovers from yesterday in the form of a NOTBlt, delish! and some of the potatoes. Dinner was the rest of the potatoes (I KNOW but I can't STAND to toss food!) with a spinach salad that was topped with some more of the BACNot! and some beets, olives, and other goodies. This fridge on fritz is wearing thin.... But I'm so not bitching, I'm grateful for the opportunity to see how creative I can be. Film at eleven.

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