Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Wall O' Death
You know that grocery stores put the milk and bread in the back of the store for a reason.... right? That reason is that while you are heading back there... to what I charmingly refer to as "The Wall O' Death" aka the decomposing dead carcasses disguised as edibles on styrofoam trays that will break down in I don't know... 600 years? - you may very well add to your cart the byproducts of forced reproduction, AKA cheese, yogurt, butter, and milk, and other highly overpriced "goodies" you didn't realize you needed until they casually entered your viewfinder.... errrr eye sight.
Have you ever considered that the lowest priced generic items are NEVER placed at eye level? Have you ever thought about what they are trying to sell you? Have you given thought number one to how they compel you to buy what they want you to buy? Do you realize they are brainwashing our children in lunchrooms across the country? You are a smart person. Can I count on you to think independently? Can I ask you to think for yourself? I hope so.

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