Friday, May 16, 2008

The Sixth and Eighth Commandments
I take my religious beliefs seriously, and view my veganism as a manifestation of those beliefs. Which begs the question….how can I not be protected from harassment with regard to race, gender, creed, and religion afforded my co-workers?

For me, it begins with the Old Testament, specifically the ten commandments, as written in the books Exodus (20:13) and Deuteronomy (5:17). I’ve endeavored to live my life according to those principles, opting to not pick and choose from among those that are convenient to follow and sleeping with my neighbor’s husband because he’s cute. I’d no more cheat on my partner than commit murder. The sixth commandment reads Thou shalt not kill……. Not, thou shalt not kill other humans, thou shalt not take the life of another sentient being. The exact Hebrew wording is lo tirtzack, which accurately translates into “any kind of killing whatsoever.” [1]

Taking the life (ie stealing the life) of another is in direct violation of both the sixth AND eighth commandment – thou shalt not steal, which Requires a defense of all lawful things that further the wealth and outward estate of ourselves and others and Prohibits whatever deprives our neighbor, or ourselves, of lawfully gained wealth or outward estate. So how can I possibly justify stealing the milk from a cow produced to feed her baby, or stealing the honey produced by bees to nourish their young? I’d be just as morally bankrupt to steal gas from the tank of a co-workers car based upon the misguided logic that they can just go buy more.


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