Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Bag Lady Project

It dawned on me during a conversation about plastic bags and such that not everyone is able to make shopping bags, and I have a fabric stash of epic proportions. So, since I’ll never use it all, how about sharing the wealth and helping to reduce the amount of plastic vegetable bags that go into the landfill, where they’ll stay forever.

The bags themselves are constructed from fabrics and ribbons and such that have taken up space for way too long in my space. I figure they’ll figure out that they can not only be useful for grocery trips for fruits and veggies, but also for bulk beans, and the like. So far, bags have been mailed off to 4 recipients, and I am totally jazzed waiting to hear the reaction. This morning I made another 16 bags. I intend to send them out with love, and hope they can cover the postage, and if they choose to send me some small token of appreciation, all the better. Just passing it forward……

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