Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear Omnivores who tell me Veganism is a "personal choice" Extinction Hurts ALL of Us. In fact, I'd offer up to you that since you are so self righteous about my right to swing my fist ending at the tip of your nose take a look around you... See what I see? That we are all stuck here on this tiny little planet together? So, when we successfully overfish the Mediterrainian Sea to the point of killing off six species of sharks essential to the ecosystem, will anyone else be making the connection between the "fish is not a vegetable" ? When the Condor is gone, due to lead poisoning from bullets left in dying animals by hunters you'll proudly announce that you never hunted.... you got your meat and fish served up in style on styrofoam platters wrapped in plastic. See for details.

Oh, and Dear Omnis who ask that I "spare them the lecture" yeah.... go ahead and continue your selfish squandering of the limited remaining resources while breaking your arm patting yourself on the back about what an "animal lover" you are. Yeah, go ahead, because we all know when the shitstorm ends, we'll ALL be dead and I won't be able to find say "I told you so."

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