Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Liquid Morphine – A Sestina

I forgot each past lover, all of the others
Yours is the love I believe will be my last
With velvety liquid kisses that take away my breath
Our craving, burning desire transcends
everything else in my life
We are gaping yaws of unfulfilled needs

And yet even such a love as this needs
acceptance and approval of others
those who gave me life
suspect our May December romance won’t last
My faith, my unwavering trust in you transcends
reason. I argue it will work with every breath.

If only your wife would draw her final breath
We all know it is a Morphine drip that she needs
Her release from dementia’s suffering transcends
the law laid down by judges, attorneys and others
She never thought she would out last
any useful purpose in life

Only when she is gone can we begin a new life
It will be like we are finally taking a breath
of fresh air at long last
It has been a struggle. Everyone has forgotten your needs
for love, laughter, and companionship among others
always your wife’s terminal illness transcends.

It’s about me! Yes, my motive transcends
any legal document concerned with end of life
issues drafted by lawyers, witnessed by others
Save your breath
It is only about my needs
My needs come first and last

Morphine provided a few stolen moments together. Last
night’s lovemaking so tender transcends
any thoughts of fidelity. Your wife needs
to finally surrender the tattered remnants of life
Take that rickety rattling death breath
Just like the wives of all of the others

Liquid Morphine, the last vestige of life
She needs that final sharp intake of breath
Morphine transcends the needs of others.

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