Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bringing Us Up to Speed

I'm reading a stellar author, previously recommended by another stellar author. This new guy, Wes Guptil, is scary good. Enjoying his writing immensely.

On other fronts, the revision of Snakehead is underway. The Snakehead Revision Journal has sections for notes about what characteristics the characters have and where to insert actions to show those characteristics.

There is a spot for timeline stuff so I am reminded that I need to develop the relationship between Julie and Claudia to the point that Julie trusts Claudia enough to give her the PC. There is also much more involvement in Claudia's thought process as she tries to figure out what made Larry the pedophile tick and where his fundamental weakness was.

I am also reviewing like a mad woman. It is my experience that the writesite has cleaved into two factions after the 'competition' ended and a 'real winner' was 'crowned'.

Those two factions are at cross purposes. One, headed up by the Empress in her new (albeit drafty) new clothes, and the other, which is significantly closer to a Democracy with no clear cut figurehead at the helm. Let's call that group 'the Better Tennis Partners'.

The Better Tennis Partners, it seems, have continued plugging along, writing and reviewing each others' manuscripts in spite of the nearly constant onslaught of distractions of the manipulations foisted by others. I am grooving on it. Oh, and I have a diabolical plan in the works. Just so you know.

On the personal front, I am motivated to write some horror screenplay about mucuous. What does THAT tell you.


Lesley C. Weston said...

Snot my cup of tea.
Sounds as if you may be feeling a bit better!
Yes, Wes is good. very good. We talk from time to time, and I started his novel this am. I've read a few of his shorts in the past and enjoyed them.
It is a pity they didn't go on the safari at Disney World. Ihe hyenas might have been tempted, I understand they love to eat carrion.

SelahWrites said...

Carrion - that cracked me UP!