Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dizzy World, The Tragic Kingdom

I've long suspected in the house of Snow Everyone, 'I wanna win' that the pity card was plied with little to no regard for authenticity. My suspicion-o-meter red lined with the revelation to near strangers of the 'cardiac situation', the impending doom if a motorized Scoot-Your-Ass-About did not magically appear - for FREE!, and the top prize of So You Think You Can Write wasn't delivered forthwith, there might be no more - oh Sandspur! You MUST play 'Baby Blue Balls'. Yeah, that's the ticket!

I have been suspicious in the last few days, albeit delighted with the conspicuous by their absence, of the deliciously deviously dubious duo. Seems they've possibly absconded with the 'winnings' to Dizzy World, The Tragic Kingdom for a maybe needed, mostly coveted vacation with the little spawns of cross dressing, raised by wolves, clearly accidently conceived gutter snipes. So- in the absence I am revelling in the gloriousness that is the absence.

May they return with mouse ear hats, having frittered away the winnings so clearly "won - fair and square" (there may be some copyright on THAT cliche' ) to find that we all, amazing as it may seem, survived without them.

Bon Chance


Lesley C. Weston said...

Hope you enjoy the aDORAbles e-mails. They ought to get your juices flowing. Hee, hee.
I';m eveil as a bent nail for forwarding them.

SelahWrites said...

OH My! I can hardly wait!

SelahWrites said...

WHERE are they?