Monday, June 19, 2006

Set Limits and Build A History

Today’s writing prompt brought to you by Naomi Epel, creator of The Observation Deck

I use the Observation Deck too irregularly. THAT is about to change.

So for today, I am going to set limits (in this case time – 30 minutes, although the limit might be word count or some other form of limitation) and build a history of a character in my novel Snakehead. In my case, Lieutenant Claudia McCann will get a history even though it will not, in all likelihood, ever appear in the novel.

Naomi explains it in the book that comes with the set (and I strongly recommend the kit) that the author of Sarah, Plain and Tall used this method to build depth to the character of Jacob, the widower. It added layers to a character who may have come off flat and one-dimensional.

I think it’s worth a half hour to explore why Lieutenant McCann chose her career, don’t you?

Ready? Set! Go!

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