Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here’s why I am so opposed to Single Issue Campaigns (SIC’s),,,

After a rather heated debate about the seal hunt campaign, I’ve searched my soul for the reason why I am so opposed to spending time and energy on one front when so many exist:

It’s because I’ve been present when omni friends have proudly proclaimed what great lovers of animals they are, never seeing the contradiction that they represent. One in particular stands out. This person was so confused she believed she was improving the lives of cows by buying only ORGANIC milk. I am not making this up. She believed it was perfectly acceptable to drink this milk because she applied the “organic” label to what was fed to the cow! This same person donated wide and far to “causes” she believed would improve the lives of animals.

I genuinely tried to educate her, but every point was met with the resistance that “she donated to such and such a cause” For this person, and millions others like her, the adorable face of a baby seal is enough to send her running for her checkbook. Or in this case reading the label to be certain the seafood she’s buying did not come from Canada. And she’ll continue to delude herself that she’s doing her part. And the animals will continue to be used as property to produce her organic milk.

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Anonymous said...

It's years worth of dairy industry brain washing that's conceived these kinds of people.