Thursday, April 15, 2010

My life has not been splendid.
I was pregnant by my 15th birthday. I got married on the day I took my final exams in math for my sophomore year.

My life resembles that of a cow in many ways. I didn't want to be pregnant.

In many ways my life does NOT resemble that of a cow. I have a voice. I got to say " I want to keep my baby"

And I did. It was the most difficult poorly thought out thing known to mankind. But I did keep my baby. I am the grandchild of a woman who died from a septic abortion. This blog entry is multi-facected as I am multi-faceted - a vegan, a woman who supports free choice in reproductive rights, a feminist, and a person who just wants to look in the eyes of all living, sentient beings without guilt. Is that asking too much?

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