Sunday, April 11, 2010

One of the questions directed to me was: what about single issue campaigns for humans? "did you think women's suffrage was good? gay rights? taking children out of factories? all human SICs."

Good, Yes. Effective? Not so much.

Women's rights? When a woman can be denied medical care due to previous police reports of domestic violence and – oh, it gets better, AND held criminally accountable for potential damage to an unborn fetus due to the "PRE-EXISTING" condition of domestic violence that she should have bailed on the man long ago and shame on her for putting herself and her baby in danger again. Medical insurance – denied. That's fair, right?

Gay rights? Wait. You're kidding, right? Gay couples cannot marry in all but a few states, cannot adopt in Florida, can't get medical insurance coverage….. shall I continue? Oh, yeah, they can't take a date to the prom. Yup, another victory for SIC.

Taking children out of factories- OK, now they're not in sweat shops. They're sold on the street. What a plus!

As much press, publicity, and single issue campaign attention as the fur "industry" has gotten, it still thrives. Indeed, it has increased.

Furthermore, the original question demonstrates the problem of the cute little seal campaign. Humans are animals too. Take a cute little child in a wheelchair with Muscular Dystrophy and have Jerry showboat his cause for what, like the last 45 years? What has changed? The MD Foundation is very busy in the counting room counting all the money, and there is no "cure" in sight. Indeed, those donations are being used for vivisection.

I stand by my premise. Single issue campaigns are designed to line the coffers of the fundraisers.

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