Saturday, April 17, 2010

An Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres

Dear Ellen,

Note the freshly baked Classic Peanut Butter Cookies on the plate on my laptop. It's sad you cannot scratch and sniff the photo.... 

If you look closely, you'll see the image of a black dog in the background. That's Rickie Heller's companion, previously known as Elsie but now preferring to be called Ellen, after you. She's Rickie's assistant, one of two, the other being Chaser, who gobbles up her share of coconut macaroons in the video. You've probably seen her before, in the dozens of tweets retweeted by all the Rickie Heller fans, not to mention in the Facebook photos with that engaging little doggie face just begging you (did you read the sign?) to have her mom bring healthy vegan treats to you, your staff, and most importantly, to your audience. 

As you know, many people hear "vegan" and think tofu and carrots. They've been astounded by the variety of wonderful dishes your chef has prepared, and I, like many of my vegan friends, (I've got a few, let's see, about 350 on Twitter, another couple of hundred on Facebook, and about a thousand on another group) think you are doing us all a great service by showing your audience how easy it is to be vegan. As they say,  the proof is in the vegan pudding, and the vegan community is growing.You are having an impact, dear Ellen, and I am grateful.

Here's my hope:

Remember those peanut butter cookies with the fork tine prints across the top, maybe Mom made them or G'ma? They were awesome and just filled with eggs and fat and other bad stuff like refined sugar bleached by running it through the charred bones of non-human persons. Definitely NOT vegan. 

I am happy to report you can have peanut butter cookies, and a load of other childhood treats back in your cookie jar, but this time they will be healthier. Rickie Heller wants to bring her cookbook, Sweet Freedom on your show. I mean she really really really wants to be on your show and we really really want her to succeed. Rickie is articulate, funny, and way entertaining. We simply adore watching her antics and we want her to be rewarded for all the hard work she's done to get her wonderful cookbooks into the hands of the public. 
Sweet Freedom: Desserts You'll Love without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugar

Rickie Heller is the instrument. You, dear Ellen, are the conductor. We, the thousands of vegans who want to clear up misconceptions about how easy it is to live a vegan life can be your chorus - if you invite Ricki Heller on the Ellen Show. Please ask Ricki, it would be an amazing gift to us all. 

Very best regards,


Ricki said...

What an amazing letter--thank you so much! (And where do I send the check. . .?) ;) Seriously, I am so grateful that you feel this way about the Ellen quest--and do glad you like the cookies :D Thanks again for all your wonderful support!

SelahWrites said...

Are you kidding? After nearly having a laundry problem watching your video, what other option did I have than to expose you to the rest of the world. It was the cactus that clinched it.