Monday, July 03, 2006

Do You Love Me??? Prove It, even though I'll Never Believe You

How many gazillions of times have I seen self deprecating women bowing and scraping at the jackboots of some worthless scumbucket, clamoring for some small token, a word, one less punch in the face under the guise of writing 'poetry'? One time too many, I fear.

Maybe I am just getting more cynical (if THAT were possible) in my old age. Will there ever come a time when these women see Doctor Phil enough, read enough Self-Help books, get enough counseling, a healthy dose of self-esteem, when they lose enough weight, make enough money to support Bubba's deer hunting expenses and beer money that they won't need Bubba to whisper past a Marlboro through Jack Daniels tainted breath those three words they all seem to crave?

Don't they know? No one is going to love them until they love themselves? It's not a cliche'. It's the bottom line.

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