Saturday, July 15, 2006

Leaving the EFF OFF but that he would.

A recent newcomer to the scene is one David H. Fears (as in go Eff yourself) Ears (or fears as is depicted in his POD melodrama Dark Blonde.) I prefer to leave the EFF OFF in hopes that he does too.

A most self-aggrandizing, sexist, gaping flaming rectum as I have had the displeasure of encountering since that unfortunate encounter with the IRS in 1986. One might only hope that the 'So You Think You Can Write' website to which I belong will be another in a long list of his endless litanies of Writesites that did not meet his standards.

In the meantime, 'Professor', and I use the term loosely, I am reminded of an old quote. If one person tells you that you are a big thing...shrug it off if you have a pretty good feeling that you're not a horse.

If two people tell you that you are a horse, then maybe you'd better check.

If three people tell you that you are a horse then you'd better go buy a saddle!

David H. Ears.... stop in at the saddlemakers.


SelahWrites said...

My faith is restored. Apparently, Elvis has left the building.

Aiyana said...

Well Elvis shouldn't pretend to be a writer when he was a singer all along. Or what was he exactly? Ohh, that's right an entertainer!

Hmm, could it be considered entertainment if it was booring?

SelahWrites said...

I'm picking up on a trend here. You notice how each time we get one of these self-proclaimed 'teachers' we're in for a ride?

Arsehat taught some BS online course in something.... like how to have a positive outlook or some such crap.

Prof. Ears has just retired from boring goodness knows how many people to death.

Both of them sputter about rules and regulations for writing that make everything come out cookie cutter, and we all know those holiday sugar cookies, while fun to look at, taste like cardboard. Cardboard from the bottom of the box after the hurricane surge water recedes.....