Sunday, July 02, 2006

donald james simpson / unbalanced

THIS is a blog every single person who has one of those Holier Than Thou - I Support US Troops should be forced to read.


doctor chip said...

sounds like you read through it, including the hidden sub-pages.
I was challenged to present a post which was both within my idiom of relatively sarcastic & sometimes dark humor, whilst still creating something hard-hitting, which is what's needed here.
as an American, I'm truly disgusted at what's happening, and the White House has become more and more the Reichstag while W has been in there. I fear darker times are ahead.
thanks for reading, AND for paying attention!

SelahWrites said...

Yeah, Dr. Chip. Yeah, I read it. Then I got sicker than I was, even before. As an American, as an American Jewess, I am appalled.

I am grateful for your hard work building your page, which will, hopefully educate many. Keep up the hard work. I'll be watching.