Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Writer Shore
This interesting bit of blogdom showed up in the write site I utilize as the website of a new member.

I wonder what it all means.... 'Writers come here and we aggressively promote the best talent to the reading, writing, and publishing communities.'

Is Writer Shore an agent? This inquiring mind would love to know.


Lesley C. Weston said...

Sometimes ytou are too cryptic for an old brain fgart like me to follow. Where, when, who, how?

SelahWrites said...

No crypticism intended. The individual signed on as theNextBigReader. I found that intriguing and began my investigative reporting.

I don't have clue numero uno what their plan is. I only know they are somewhat connected with theNEXTBigWhackO!

Lesley C. Weston said...

I typed in that name on tNBW and came up empty.

SelahWrites said...

Me too. Maybe it was deleted already. Seems they check ISP addresses these days. If it was a previously suspended member, it might explain it.

Jonathan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SelahWrites said...

I'm not sure how else to contact Selah and all the rest of you, so I'll just post here.

Writer Shore is my creation and my idea. It's actually more of an experimental web site that I figured 'if it takes off, great, in the mean time, learn and build slowly'. The concept is to create a community generated online literary magazine. My post on that ‘So You Think You Can Write’ site that you referred to is just one of my earliest efforts to get out there, network, and interact. SYTYCW is a good writing site, indeed.

Jonathan wrote (and I edited) I'm not a former member. As far as I know my account there still exists, but I don't use it very often. Maybe the TheNextBigReader alias is a bit presumptuous, but I thought it was just a clever name.

The last time anyone has probably seen the Writer Shore home on the web, it was just a shoddy blog, but now I have a web site for it,, and my experiment continues.