Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Fictioneer – The Saga Continues on and on and on and on and on….. ad nauseum

So the latest is that the Fictioneer has written THIRTY SIX novels. Assuming she started when she was fifteen or so, that means more than a novel a year. Pumping out that many words in that short a time span provides conclusive evidence that quantity is more important to her than quality.

She’s stated that she’s never attempted to find an agent nor get anything published. So what exactly IS the point? Beyond bragging about the staggering amount of paper wasted by this formulaic, irresponsible drivel to make others feel inadequate, what exactly is the motivation? Oh, wait, I think I answered my own question.


Lesley C. Weston said...

Where did you hear this?
My lord! I thought [practice made perfect!

SelahWrites said...

She said it herself. 36 novels in 14 years.... I have to admit, all of the words are lined up in even rows AND the pages are numbered consecutively.