Monday, July 17, 2006

My Newest Asshat

Quote - Gee, Soontobepublished writer, did someone write a caricature about you? ENDQUOTE

No, arsehat. They did a pathetic change of names to protect the self indulgent and then had the temerity to call it a short story.

By the way, anyone ever tell you ARSEHAT, that you come off sounding like a pompous, self aggrandizing bitch? I thought so. That is why I have emailed you, you art sucker, and requested that you never review my work.


Aiyana said...

Heck yea, glad you told that Arsehat off. She deserved it. And it was pompous and arrogant. Arsehat and Eff make a great couple!

Nice work ;-) Thanks!

SelahWrites said...

You are most welcome. I got another email from arsehat today. QUOTE - try and have a nice day. ENDQUOTE

I am resisting responding - what I'd like to do is give her the last word, yet somehow convey the message that all my days are nice, the ones she isn't in, that is.....